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RePro-project aims to provide tested real-business cases, 13 RePro cases based on student-centred learning (SCL) and RePro manuals for teachers and students, on how RePro approach and cases can be used in learning situations.

These cases will link real companies and their business problems with learning processes, thereby also combining consulting and learning to give the parties involved new perspectives. The third product is a practical step-by-step model that describes the content and process of developing RePro cases. All these products are different from the traditional case method as we have developed multidisciplinary learning modules which can be used in many different study areas and are related to specific problems of learning tasks. The RePro case material entails corporate specific information on the business environment, personnel, production, marketing, logistics, accounting and finance.

On the other hand the learning task could concentrate on the logistics problems of the firm or on personnel motivation. However, even if the student concentrates on one problem area, she/he has access to the whole case material. This will help the student understand the connection between the different traditional study areas and link the learning process to the real business context. The SCL-methods intend to facilitate students' knowledge creation skills and professional development. I wish you good surfing hoping you find the materials useful and interesting.

Riitta Rissanen

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